Global Micro Schools

The Community School for Human Arts is a Social + Vocational Learning Enterprise of Common Good and Equal Opportunity. Our curriculum is guided by the fundamental belief that Human Development, (a process that promotes human well-being by expanding people’s capabilities to Be and to Flourish) and Capacitation (power to generate employment + income), in the form of social and emotional education, is as important as economic and financial development is to our well-being, self-sufficiency and resilience as citizens and communities.

We think of our work as a social enterprise that strives toward a more equitable distribution of educational tools normally reserved for corporate human resources departments or personalized career coaches.

Our un-encumbered learning practice facilitates the discovery of individual contribution and social transition in other words, meaningful vocational discovery through social and behavioral/emotional skill building, self-development and self-empowerment.

We provide people with an Accountability and Productivity-based education for the development of their human capital or Self-Esteem/Self-Regard and support with discovery of what each individual’s unique contribution or work may be. In this way, we enhance our national social capital, something that is vital for our national progression to an all-inclusive society.

We believe harmonization of individual self-interest with the interest of society, in other words the balance between individual desire and social responsibility, creates an equitably distributed balance between our collective stock of knowledge, labor + money.


The Community School for Human Arts Micro schools will fill a void in global education and community building efforts.  The School is positioned to bring restorative energy, stability, wellness and resilience into communities all around the world who are suffering from the many forms of poverty we see today.


Founded in 2017, by Leili Eghbal, a first-generation Iranian American, the Community School for Human Arts was formed in the spirit of The Community School in Tehran. This was an educational institution that for over a century has continued to be a part of those who were students and parents of this compassionate and peaceful global community.

Since 1st grade Leili attended the Community School, which was founded as a boarding school for the children of Presbyterian missionaries from the United States who were stationed in Iran since the 1830s. In the summer of 1979, the school was permanently shut down.

The school was once called “a laboratory of democracy at work”.  Besides the Americans, there were students from Iranian families; from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, whose families were living temporarily in Tehran.  Their parents were diplomats, exiles, military professionals, oil industry personnel, academics and businessmen, representing 28 nationalities and eight religions. Above the school entrance, in Persian calligraphy were the words from the Book of John, 8:32, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

The personal setbacks, as well as the professional accomplishments and everything she has done in her life have prepared Leili for this moment in time, to bring together a lifetime of experience in service of others.



Your noble endeavor to uplift, awaken and elevate humanity is the very embodiment of the immortal words of the Mahatma (Giant Soul): “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”

— Kamran M

The CSHA program is rewarding and gives you the tools to live a more fulfilled life. It is rare to see a leader open to their vulnerability. When this happens it allows the participants to do so as well, making for a rich and heart-felt experience.

— Nicole S K

Leili naturally recognizes and honors the dignity in all people and exalts that essence in those around her. I have found her to be one of the most insightful, generous, respectful, inclusive leaders I know!

For Leili, the focus is always on the needs of the learner rather than on her own need to be in the spotlight or to hold tightly to a prescribed script. She is very aware of what’s needed in the moment and adapts with ease to ensure that those needs are met with spontaneous, relevant and creative approaches.

Her mastery in understanding the influences of human behavior is evident. She consistently instills confidence in those she teaches and mentors; yet what makes Leili so special is less her obvious intellect, and more in her true calling to support the communities she serves. What motivates Leili is her deep desire to foster warm relationships and to genuinely help others!

To that end, Leili is brilliant in creating a “safe container for crucial conversation”, where students and co – facilitators alike, feel included and comfortable in addressing any topic.World events have exposed the imperative to ensure safety, trust, inclusion and openness in any relationship, and especially in learning environments that have been historically hierarchical. This is where Leili shines.

Any individual, group or organization is better for having had Leili’s influence and direct support. She has certainly made me a better coach, facilitator and leader!

— Shelley K

If you need a new perspective, a sense of connection and belonging, and support to help you develop essential skill sets to achieve your goals, try Human Whisperers. Drawing on decades of experience, Leili Eghbal has designed a community-based approach to helping individuals find their true calling and chart a path towards fulfilling the goal of a life well lived.”

— Shiva B, PhD

Community School for Human Arts is poised to be a major catalyst in supporting human development.

— Hossein A, Emeritus Professor of Business + International Relations

Leili Eghbal’s work is a long-term solution to mental stability and personal development. With consistency, it will change you and your life indefinitely—for the better.

— Jasmine M

I have experienced Leili and her team as authentic, competent guides on the personal development path. The programs are well prepared and balanced, coherent and inclusive…and, most importantly, are coming from the heart.

— Angelika P

With encouragement, inclusion and compassion the Human Whisperers call.  Now is the time for conscious change, and here is a way. Your unique journey is an integral part of humanities evolution. We’re in it together.

— Dove W S

I was introduced to Leili’s program last year during the first Covid shutdown. I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but trusted in Leili’s direction. It was an experience of self inspection, contemplation, and growth. A perfect thing during such uncertain times. It was also a time to connect with others and share our commonality.

— Joel K

Having attended a couple of your sessions, I have firsthand knowledge of your great work. So proud of the work you do and the invaluable help you are providing.

— Bita H, Esq.

Leili has been an incredible advisor to our firm. Although we have been operating successfully for years, the communication that she facilitated brought us to new levels of transparency and efficiency in our business.

— Veronica P, President, Veronica Perez & Associates