Leili Eghbal

Founder & CEO

Leili Eghbal is the Founder and CEO of the Community School for Human Arts, a social enterprise that strives toward a more equitable distribution of educational tools normally reserved for corporate human resources departments or personalized career coaches. The human-centered personal development program the school delivers guides individuals from all walks of life towards understanding their past experiences so they can envision more productive futures. She is wholly dedicated to people, connects with the potential and possibility in us all, and believes literally anyone can be effective when given the right support.

The program serves a wide range of clients, from established leaders to mid-career professionals to youth who are seeking to develop personally and professionally. Leili is also dedicated to ensuring that those who face the most profound disadvantages — homelessness, incarceration, mental health issues — have equal access to the life-changing tools and resources. She feels this work can do more than help individuals; it has the potential to lift whole communities.

A first-generation Iranian-American, Leili has always allowed her heart and values to guide her career. She has held leadership roles in the fields of publishing, technology, real estate, hospitality and social services, most recently as Director of Human Resources at Chrysalis, a workforce development social enterprise serving the homeless and disadvantaged in Los Angeles. But it was a transformational journey to The Human Element Practitioner program that truly solidified her purpose, after which she dedicated herself to working in restorative ways around empowerment, leadership development, group productivity and building resilient communities.

Leili’s process is influenced by holistic healing practices, especially the ideas of persistent effort and non-attachment that are essential parts of yogic philosophy. She believes that a healthy body improves quality of mind by nurturing a feeling of calm and increasing one’s natural curiosity. For everyone who has ever thought “I haven’t reached my full potential.” Leili’s message is: You can.

Leili lives in Incline Village, on the northern shore of Lake Tahoe.

Licensed Human Element Practitioner™ , Practitioner Implicit Career Search