Petra Amasreiter

Petra Amasreiter, BA E-Education

Petra is a violinist, composer, music teacher and e-learning expert.
In her career she worked as an audio technician, played in several orchestras, brought a variety of musical projects to the stage and on CD. She has taught hundreds of students the violin, guitar, folk singing and in ensembles.

Always interested in new technologies and in saving knowledge and wisdom she enjoys working as designer of online and offline trainings on a variety of topics. She is a professional stress management trainer and hosts groups for exploring inner & outer techniques to change stressful lifestyles. She loves to combine body awareness, music and nature for deep relaxation and joy. She is currently working on developing a podcast based on this practice called Mind Space: Discovering Your Inner Universe.

Her credo: Wisdom & knowledge should be available for all people on earth – and it is our duty to work together and share for a more sensitive and aware way of living.

She lives with husband, two kids and a dog near Munich in the beautiful southern part of Germany.