Embodying Curiosity, Compassion and Courage creating Knowledge + Consciousness + Action from a place of Awareness

Generation We is the communications arm of The Community School for Human Arts and the MAPPS Program, and where we discuss topics related to human development and our current social structures and have conversations with practitioners regarding the current state of the evolution and harnessing of our human potential.

We think of our work as a social enterprise that strives toward a more equitable distribution of social, emotional, career and financial educational tools normally reserved for corporate human resources departments or personalized coaches.

Rooted in the belief that the harmonization of individual self-interest with the interest of society, in other words the balance between individual desire and social responsibility, creates an equitably distributed balance between our collective stock of knowledge, labor + money, we hope to have a butterfly effect on the crises of our time, most visibly and urgently, HOPELESSNESS.

We invite and promote a facilitative and inclusive dialog and we believe that by fostering a listening and learning culture we can encourage innovation and action from a place of truthful shared awareness from which solutions can emerge.

We invite you into our community with these offerings and please feel free to provide us with your feedback in the space provided below.

Guiding Principles of our Work

We hope to begin to look at treating symptoms of societal illnesses as no longer serving the greater purpose, and instead strengthen the awareness of social determinants of health & well-being in communities.

We wish to transform the quality of the conversation by transforming the quality of relationship + thought— the quality of tomorrow’s results.

Listener Feedback