Generation We

Generation We is the communications arm of The Community School for Human Arts and the MAPPS Program (Mentoring Adolescents + Adults for Personal & Professional Success). We support Creatives and Solo-Preneurs as well as Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers navigate the many complex emotional, social, career and financial challenges we face in life. Our programs support people by providing tools and knowledge for Increased Clarity, More Self-Esteem, Effective Self-Management, Better Decision Making, Relationship Skills and Resilience.

“ME” Emotional Education Learning Tent
To develop a deeper understanding of ourselves – our behavior and feelings, fears and defenses – to boost our confidence, motivation and self-esteem for a life with healthy relationships and a successful career of meaningful contribution.

“WE” Social Education Learning Tent
To develop resiliency skills, take responsibility for our actions and behavior, and recognize our language choices, so we can develop better personal and professional relationships throughout our life.

“US” Career + Financial Education Learning Tent
To align interests and desires for our career and financial life with the decisions we make in college and beyond and provide concrete money management tools and a vocabulary to understand the role of money and our relationship to it.

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