Self-Management and Self-Esteem: How effectively have I chosen the kind of person I want to be?

We’ll look at what determines personal success and how Self-Concept (picture of self) and Self-Esteem (feelings about self), are the cornerstones of individual effectiveness, healthy relationships, and peace of mind. Continue the Journey to uncover and accept who you really and gain tools to begin accessing the deeper sources of Self.

Join us for 90 minutes of listening, observing, movement, learning and discussion as we…. learn how self- esteem is at the core of and the center from which Creativity, Motivation and Productive Work/Purpose stem from, and how all Behavior comes from how you feel about yourself.
Sunday October 23, 2022
12:30pm-2:00pm PT

Relationship Skills: Exploring the Multi-Dimensional Relationship with Self and the Associations Between and Among People and Things

Develop an understanding of the dimensions of Relationship: with our internal and external body, with our essence, with others, and with our environment. Learn how Self-Esteem is at the core of the quality and depth of our relationships and how they connect.

Join us for 90 minutes of listening, observing, movement, and learning as we explore how our bodies can inform how we feel about ourselves uncovering what our habitual obstacles might be, and how to navigate them and move on.
Sunday January 22, 2023
12:30pm-2:00pm PT

Better Decision-Making: Tapping into the obstacles (Doubt, Cynicism, and Fear) that get in our way.

Leading from the Heart, we’ll tap into the main obstacles that prevent us from connecting to our source of deep presence and authenticity. We’ll observe how we are making decisions, and how our decision-making skills and habits might be getting in the way of true change and contentment.

Join us for 90 minutes of listening, observing, movement, learning and discussion as we get to understand our nervous systems, soften toward ourselves, and lead from the Heart.
Sunday November 13, 2022
12:30pm-2:00pm PT

Relevance + Resilience: Harnessing and Nurturing our Personal Assets

Develop the skills to effectively communicate your values and point of view, advocate for yourself, your family, and your community, and protect yourself from the potential negative effects of stressors.

Join us for 90 minutes of listening, observing, movement, learning and discussion as we share techniques on adapting to and recovery from setbacks, and improving the ability to learn and develop throughout your lifespan.
Sunday February 26, 2023
12:30pm-2:00pm PT


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Purpose is an ancient concept…seen in religions, in poetry, in philosophy, and in any practice that creates higher levels of enlightenment and peace. We learn that purpose isn’t something to be found — it’s something we can develop from within. And, it’s an underlying human element that we all desire.

If you’re in a transitional period in life, transitioning from school to work, from one type of work to another, or from work to retirement, you might be faced with feelings of self-doubt and experiencing low self-esteem. You don’t feel so good about yourself and you may feel you are languishing.

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The Face of Displacement: From Separation to Connectedness: Belonging, Dignity + Safety
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