Methodologies + Outcomes

MAPPS (Mentoring Adults and Adolescents for Personal and Professional Success)

A virtual or in person gathering of 10-12  people to practice a method of Learning and Action-based Intelligence to answer 2 existential questions:  Who am I? + What is My Work? in order to gain Mental and Emotional Stability, Self-Sufficiency and Resilience.

Encouraging maximum self-awareness through behavioral and social exploration, our toolkit and curriculum provides a safe Learning Tent© educational environment and space so that participants can explore their full potential through creativity, curiosity and exploration while acquiring life skills.

This self-education, learner-centric format helps to bring definition and articulation to innermost wishes and hopes for a personal path. The program also provides a personalized mentorship infrastructure which is designed to create and maintain long-term motivation.

“If I have an opportunity to explore myself and my own feelings in relation to what I am learning. I must increase the awareness of myself to be in touch with what I am ready to learn. I can then choose for myself what I wish to explore.”

This work aims to give people a feeling of emotional growth as well as having an intellectual experience.

Education is a most basic and fundamental human right…the learning we help people practice is not delivered in any school or community organization in this format. It is learning/education to give people the skills that other people who are wealthy and are members of privileged families could have acquired through individual coaching or therapy.

It is education based on a profoundly simple concept, one which is embodied in our humanity and our sameness, not our fabricated differences. With this work we concentrate on: creating conditions most conducive to learning and we allow and help participants develop maximum responsibility for their own learning. This can make an enormous difference in the participants’ motivation and understanding.

The program methodology consists of 3 Learning Tents© which are comprised of the following elements:

Tent 1: SPIRITUAL to realize FREEDOM

“ME”: Self, Personal Mastery of Self, Accountability and Acceptance
Observing Self/Witness, Motivation and Mindfulness
•Personal Awareness
•Self Concept Part 1
•Self Concept Part 2

Tent 2: RELATIONAL to bring PEACE

“WE”:  Interpersonal Participation, Productivity and Decision Making
Connect with Values
•Defenses Part 1
•Defenses Part 2
•Listening Part 1
•Listening Part 2
•Openness Part 1
•Openness Part 2
•Watch Your Language
•Tools for Relationship Building


“US”:  Societal infrastructure, Self Sufficiency, Resilience, Regeneration of Positive Energy Cycles
Committed Action, Time Management and Focus on Development of Contribution/Purpose
•Self Leadership (Self-Esteem + Leadership)
•Values and Money
•Creativity + Expression Part 1
•Creativity + Expression Part 2
•Career Planning (5-6 lessons)
•Career Definition (Prioritizing Grid)
•Career Development (Career Spectagram)
•Contingency Planning
What are the global problems
we are trying to solve?
  • The lack of access + basic knowledge + information about social and vocational opportunities and conditions.
  • Lack of accessible and grass roots learning environments most conducive for learning, which encourage allowing and helping participants develop maximum responsibility for their own learning.
  • Learning/Education to give people the skills that wealthy people could potentially buy through individual coaching or therapy

The shortfalls in our global efforts around Human Development have led to systematic Spiritual + Financial Poverty across the globe in the form of….

  • Homelessness
  • Drug Addiction
  • Crime
  • Unemployment
  • Urban squalor
  • Environmental degradation
  • Social disintegration
  • Obscene inequalities in access to healthcare, education and a dignified life

We believe the most basic need of impoverished or poor people is the freedom to define their own needs, to organize to meet them, and to transcend them as they see fit. We aspire to increase the participatory capabilities of individuals, by creating the open space and freedom to develop each individual capability by removing the constraints that force people to live impoverished lives relative to their condition and aspiration.

When people have sufficient self-awareness to have healthy self-esteem and when organizations promote an open, honest climate, much pain can be eliminated. We can eliminate irrelevant arguments, wasted energy, withholding, lying, undermining, and other inefficient misery-producing activity.  The workplace can be transformed into an arena to express the best in ourselves and fuel exceptional productivity.

Self-esteem also leads to the most fundamental methods for helping others.  The highest value for any human is the full realization of their personal potential and that of others.  The best that anyone can do for others is to help them to achieve their capabilities.

Our Value

We’d like to reimagine and co-create our emerging civilization by beginning to address shortfalls in the Human Development Paradigm as envisioned by Mahbub ul Haq:

  • Equity…where people enjoy equitable access to social, economic and political opportunities.
  • Sustainability…where an obligation of the present generation is to ensure the sustainability of human life for the future by ensuring that the stock of physical, human, and natural capital they inherited is replenished and regenerated in such a way that future generations will have the ‘capacity to produce a similar level of human well-being’…in other words….sustaining worthwhile life opportunities, not sustaining present levels of poverty and human deprivation.
  • Productivity…essential investment in human capital so that people are able to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Empowerment…of people to exercise choices of their own free will.


Data on Outcomes

Our outcomes are based as follows, and represent average increases:

  • Motivation + 20%
  • Productivity + 33.5%
  • Confidence + 15%
  • Clarity/Self Awareness + 30.5%
  • Flexibility + 17%
  • Capacity to deal with difficult issues + 27%
  • Communicating knowledge and expectations to others + 17%
  • Willingness to take risks + 18.5%
  • Willingness to ask for help + 23%
  • Being accountable for establishing and keeping priorities + 17%
  • Awareness of impact on others + 61%

The outcomes demonstrate an immediate need for this kind of education in our communities around the world.  We have shown that it does not matter where you come from or your level of education.  Our program fills a deep void and blind spot in today’s education markets…a basic and fundamental education on understanding our human operating system from a basic and natural perspective.