Weekly Broadcasts

Embodying Curiosity, Compassion and Courage we create Knowledge + Consciousness + Action from Shared Awareness

Human Whisperers Radio is the broadcast arm of The Community School for Human Arts and the MAPPS Program. We think of our work as a social enterprise that strives toward a more equitable distribution of educational tools normally reserved for corporate human resources departments or personalized career coaches.

We are dedicated to lifting up diverse populations through our programs, not just in the United States but around the world. And we are guided by the fundamental belief that nurturing individual competence and resilience is key to our collective well-being, resulting in a healthier and more self-sustaining global community.

Our broadcasts are intended to create and promote a facilitative and inclusive dialog that we hope in return will encourage people to listen, learn and then seek action from a place of truthful shared awareness from which solutions can emerge. Our programs we deliver a unique form of social and emotional education based on personal and professional development and through a process that promotes human well-being by expanding people’s capabilities to be and to flourish and gives them the power to generate employment + income.

We motivate individuals from diverse backgrounds to unearth their hidden talents for a harmonious path forward. In this process, they can discover their unique contribution to the world.

Your Health is Your Wealth

February 14, 2022

Re-thinking Rituals

December 19, 2021

If You Can Talk, You Can Sing

December 7, 2021

Jobs Available: Creatives + Entrepreneurs

October 6, 2021

Co-creation + Accountability: What Are You Afraid Of + What Are You Defending Against?

October 5, 2021

The Essential + Integrated Self: From Rubble to Reconstruction

October 4, 2021

Authenticity + Self Esteem: Two Fundamental Elements for Survival

October 3, 2021

Purpose: The Secret Superpower

October 2, 2021

Truth, Choice + Awareness: The Heart of Good Decision Making

October 1, 2021